Welcome to Exploration Station where we explore to learn! Learning in the very early stages begins with a child’s natural exploration of their world. Curiosity and the need to communicate with a child’s environment funnel a child’s learning. Children will retain information if it is meaningful to them. When children are able to explore their environment they will gather a vast amount of knowledge. We could lecture and teach to the child, but we find a child learns better if they discover facts themselves with our guidance. We are not only teachers; we are guides on this big exploration of life. The greatest achievement of a teacher is not to have a class full of students who have retained vast amounts of information, but to have a class full of students who are intrinsically motivated to learn more and know how to learn!

We understand that every child has individual needs and learning styles. We pride ourselves on understanding those needs and learning styles to create an environment where every child can learn.  We guarantee that your child will be in a loving, understanding environment that teaches material in a great variety of styles to ensure every child reaches his or her full potential. We reach this goal by fostering children’s natural curiosity of the world around them. We make learning feel like an adventure full of discovery!

We teach the whole child. We focus not only on academic readiness, but also on gross and fine motor development, emotional and social development. We also focus on teaching through modeling. We believe that it is harder to change a behavior later in life than if children learn from the start. This philosophy carries over into a child’s health and environmental imprint. While we don’t tell children any one particular way to live, way to eat, way to behave, we do model best behavior practices. We model healthy eating and exercise. We model environmental awareness with ways to be green. In our daily curriculum we build in a focus on the whole child’s well being and not just academic readiness. We understand that we have an impact on your child and that your child is with us a good portion of their day. We want you to feel confident that we are helping you develop the whole child.

Thank you for sharing your precious gift with us and it is our commitment to you to treasure that gift! By teaching a child not only what to learn but how to learn, we will create life long learners that can achieve great things in the great adventure of life!

We sincerely thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you.

Dr. Mindy Juettemeyer, Ed. D
Owner/Executive Director