Afterschool Program

(5-12 year olds)

Your grade school child will love coming to our facility after school!  We provide them with a nutritious snack and fun activities to help them unwind from the school day. We offer homework assistance so that the homework is done when you pick them up leaving more time for family in the evening.

Our after-school program is designed so the kids think they are playing games and having fun while they may be learning a few things in the process. We believe that kids need time to socialize, be outdoors, and relax after being at school all day. We also understand that they may need some one-on-one instruction that they may miss out on in the regular classroom. That is why our program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child. They will get the childhood downtime every child needs with a good mix of one-on-one homework and instructional time.

We feel confident your child will love coming to our after-school program!