We have two infants programs.

Infants I and Infants II.

Infants I
(6weeks – 12months)

These precious babies will be in a loving environment filled with opportunities to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Along with all their basic care needs being met, our teachers will give them individualized attention and affection. Research shows that babies respond to lots of talking, singing, vivid colors, opportunities to move and explore. They need consistency and routine throughout their day. Our curriculum was developed with this in mind. We provide times throughout the day for basic needs, gross motor development, fine motor development, and intellectual development. Nothing is rushed and we base our day on the needs of each child.

Infants II

These beginning walkers have a whole world to explore now that they are mobile! Our curriculum ensures that they have plenty of opportunity to continue their development to becoming more independent individuals. We assist in their natural development by creating an environment that spurs their curiosity and encourages exploration. They will truly be exploring to learn!