Pre-K I
(3 year olds)

Communication has come a long way for these 3 year olds. The literature-based curriculum will provide more opportunities to learn through language, music, movement, kinesthetic learning and more.

Our classrooms are designed to peak a child’s curiosity and promote learning through hands-on experiences. We have centers for sensory learning, math, science, block play, dramatic play, music, literature, creative arts etc. We provide multiple opportunities for self-expression through a variety of medias. Our teachers foster a loving environment with consistency and routine to provide comfort and promote self-confidence.

Pre-K II
(4-5 year olds)

These budding individuals are ready to be more independent and take more responsibility for their learning. They are making more sense out of what they are learning and applying their understanding of things to what they do.

The literature-based curriculum takes their natural inquisitiveness to further their development and prepare them for kindergarten. Through exploring multiple didactics for learning they will develop reading readiness, cognitive development, physical, emotional and social development. Through the care and guidance of our teachers, your child will feel confident exploring to learn!